Good afternoon!

(ともに)Good afternoon!

Please put your things on this chair.


Please tell me your name.

My name is .........(住所は聞かれなかったので名前だけ言って待っていた)

You are Ms. .........


Where are you from?

I live in ......... in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Yamaguchi? Wow! How did you come here today?

My husband took me to Tokuyama by car, and from Tokuyama to Hakata, I took the Shinkansen and from Hakata I took a local train and got here.

How long did it take altogether?

About 3 hours. Actually I got here around 12:00 today.

Wow!(笑いながら)It took long hours! Now I am a tourist, and I'll ask you some questions. OK?


Japan has four seasons. How do you explain these four seasons to foreigners?

Japan has four clear-cut seasons, namely, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Spring and autumn are mild, but summer is hot and humid, and except on the semi-tropical southern islands of Okinawa, winter is very cold and especially in the northern area we may have snow.


Next question. What is Giri?

Giri is a kind of social obligation. If someone feels he or she has to do something for someone else, that's it.(自分が言った正しい表現を覚えてないのですが、義理の意味を簡単に説明した後、具体的に例を出して答えた)


OK. Next question. What is Sumo?

Sumo is time-honored Japanese wrestling. Two contestants are matched against each other in a ring. One contestant loses when any part of his body other than the soles of his feet touches the ground or when he is pushed out of the ring.(お二人が頷いて聞いてくださっているので、さらに続ける)Actually, sumo originated as a Shinto ritual, so it still has some religious elements in it. For example, before a match, sumo wrestlers throw salt onto the ring for purification.

(頷きながら)OK. Next question. You said you live in Yamaguchi. Which part of Yamaguchi do you recommend foreign tourists visit?

I strongly recommend Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni City. It is a wooden arch-shaped beautiful bridge, and near the bridge, there is Iwakuni Castle. And cherry blossoms get in full broom around this area. They are so beautiful. Not only from the other parts of Yamaguchi Prefecture but also from other prefectures, many tourists visit there during the cherry blossom season. And in summer it has a fireworks festival. You will never regret it if you visit there.

Wow! Next question.(この質問だけ、少し早く話されたので途中まで何のことかわからず正しい英語はよく覚えてないが、海外旅行へ行く日本人の数が、日本に来る外国人旅行客の数より圧倒的に多いのをあなたはどう思いますか…という内容だった)

I think Japanese people is very reserved, so we don't introduce Japan to the world so much. We should advertise our country's good point more.(とか何とか、とにかく日本は自国の良さを海外に伝えきれてないからなのも理由の一つだと思うから、もっと積極的に宣伝するべきだみたいなことを言った。日本人女性の方がしきりにうなずいていたように思う。ただ、私の熱い思いに反し、英語は支離滅裂で今思い出しても恥ずかしい…)

OK. The last question. Why are there so many Yobikos in Japan?

Like other industrialized countries, for example Korea, to enter prestigious universities is very difficult and important, not only students but parents believe so. But I think it is a little different. Because now there has been a downturn in the Japanese economy and everyday I watch the news on TV, many students, even if they graduated from prestigious universities, they can't get jobs. Of course, academic knowledge is very important, but to get a job, I think other qualities are also necessary.

OK. Your interview is over. Thank you.

Thank you very much.






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