Please come in.

Where should I put my bag?

Please put your bag on the table.

Thank you.

Please tell your name and where you are from.

My name is ......... I'm from ......... city, ......... Prefecture.

OK. Please tell us about Japanese gardens.

(挨拶や試験官の自己紹介などがまったくなく、いきなり質問が始まりかなり動揺する)The most typical one is a rock garden. The rock garden only consists of rocks and sand, no trees and no flowers. So it looks very simple, but it is a good place to calm yourself. It was developed by Zen Buddhist monks, so it is a good place for meditation.(日本庭園は得意な問題だったが、かなり動揺していたためか、前日の模擬面接でアドバイスを受けた説明をとっさにしてしまい、自分がネイティブに添削してもらいながら念入りに練習してきたフレーズがほとんど出て来なかった)

Which area of Japan has the heaviest snowfall?

I think it is Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan.

What does the heavy snow affect the life of the people in Hokkaido?

(なぜか頭が真っ白になる。そして)It is difficult to move around because of the thick show.(悪い点のみをぽつりと言ってしまった。スキーリゾートなどよい点を説明するチャンスを完全に逃してしまった)

How were Hiragana and Katakana developed from Kanji?

Hiragana is an easier form of Kanji.(我ながらすごくいい加減な説明)Hiragana was developed in the Heian Period and used by women.

All women?

No. Noble people like court ladies.

What is the difference between Uchiwa and Sensu?

Well, both are traditional Japanese fans. Uchiwa is round-shape. Sensu is a folding fan, it can be folded when it is not used.(途中でかなり詰まったので試験官Aは私が言い終えると安心したように頷く)

What do you think of the many bicycles illegally parked around train stations?

Well ....(一瞬考えて)It's not good, because it can be dangerous. They will be obstacles for people who walk on the streets. I think the local governments should provide more space for bicycle parking.(稚拙なフレーズを喘ぎ喘ぎ言う)

Why do you want to become a tour guide?

Well. There are several reasons. First, I like English. I like to take care of foreigners especially who are very interested in Japan and our culture. Second, I love traveling. I have traveled to 17 countries and visited many places in Japan. Last but not least, I think a tour guide is a really good job. In my current job, I work for an electronics company. I am doing a factory tour guide. I give tours to foreign customers. They ask many questions about our products as well as Japan. I enjoy guiding them. I think a tour guide is a really satisfying job. So I want to become a tour guide.(よく練習していた答えだったのでわりとすらすら言えたが反応があまりなかった)

What is the most important thing for a tour guide?

There are several important things for a tour guide, but I think the most important things for a tour guide are enthusiasm and hospitality. If I can speak English very well like a native speaker and have a deep knowledge about Japan, but if I have no enthusiasm and no hospitality, my guiding will be no more than a noisy speech, or would mean nothing. So I think enthusiasm and hospitality are the most important qualities for a tour guide.(2人を交互に見ながら訴えたがイマイチの反応)

That's all.

Is that all?

Yes. Thank you for coming.

You are welcome. Thank you for the interview.(鞄とコートを手に取り)Have a nice day.

You too.





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