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B: Hello. Could you leave your belongings on the chair, and please have a seat.

Thank you.

B: We are sorry that we’ve kept you waiting for so long. Are you tired?

No, I’m fine. But I’m very nervous.
すごく緊張していたので、こう言ったことでよけい緊張しましたが、試験官B がにっこりと「リラックスしてください」と言ってくださいました。

B: What’s your name?

My name is …..

B: Where do you live?

I live in …, Shiga Prefecture.

B: I see. Now we are going to ask you some questions.


B: What is kanzashi?

Kanzashi is a small accessory, which is usually put on women’s hair. As it is designed to match women wearing kimono, you don’t have many chances to see women with kanzashi, except on ceremonial occasions such as “seijin-no-hi.” 「かんざし」については説明不足だと感じましたが沈黙してはいけないと思い、「成人の日」を説明しました。“Seijin-no-hi”is the day to celebrate the young people who have just turned 20 years old. On this day, some young women wear a formal kimono called furisode and put on kanzashi.

A: What do you think about the Bird flu spreading among Asian countries?

I think it is horrible, because these days many people travel abroad and also many foreign travelers visit Japan. It’s probable that they catch the bird flu in Japan soon. I’ve heard that the flue is a very strong one, and it may cause people to die.
Last week I was sick in bed for two or three days because I had trouble in my stomach. And I heard yesterday that more than 300 students in an elementary school went to the hospital because of the similar disease, and that the school was closed.
As well as the bird flue, it was very infectious and easy to catch. So I think these kinds of disease are horrible, and I don’t want to catch them.

A: OK. Why do Japanese carry water in plastic bottles? (「ペットボトルの水を持ち歩くのは何故?」という意味でした。)


Well, I think it is because some Japanese think water from the faucet (水道という単語が思いつきませんでした)is not clean enough to drink. Also it is easy to carry ….(もうこれ以上何も思い浮かばなかったので、自分の家の場合は、飲み水には山水をくみに行きますというと、「沸騰せずに飲むのか?」とまた3人とも大変驚いた様子でした。)

A: What’s wagashi?

Wagashi refers to the traditional Japanese sweets usually consisting of sugar, rice cakes called mochi, and Japanese sweet beans called “azuki.” They are artfully decorated in the shape of flowers or dumplings, and have pictures such as those of flowers or some natural objects on them.

B: OK. That’s all for today. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.


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