受験者( 22 ):女性

失礼します。Good morning.(なるべく落ち着いて明るくにこやかに言ったつもり)
A.B: Good morning. (2人そろって。Welcome!と言う感じでにこやかに)
A: Please put your bag on the table and have a seat.

Thank you.
A: May I have your name?
My name is XXX.
B: I am a tourist, and I am going to ask you some questions.
Yes, please.
B: I want to climb up Mt.Fuji. Will you tell me how I can go to Mt. Fuji from Tokyo?
You can get there by JR train, and from the station near Mt. Fuji, there are sight-seeing buses going to Mt. Fuji.
B: Oh, thank you. That's quite easy.
B: I heard there used to be Shogun. Until when did Shogun exist? (表現が違うかもしれません。将軍はいつまでいたの?と聞かれました。)

Shogun existed(existと言ったかどうか記憶がはっきりしません。lastとかendとか使ったような気もしますが、話すのに必死で自分がなにを言って言えるかよくわかっていませんでした。)until 1868 when Japan had Maiji Restration.(1867と言わなければいけなかったのですが、大政奉還がとっさに言えない!判断して、明治維新なら言えたのでこう言いました。間違いですね・・)
A.B: (同時に首を縦に振りながら)O.k.
B: I am interested in samurai, but I do not know much about them. Will you tell me what types of people were there other than samurai at that time?
At that time, there were commoners.. I mean.. farmers and merchants, and samurai class was considered the highest status.(工が抜けてしまいました。considerが良くないと思います。rankedのほうが良かったと頭で考えながら答えていました)
B: O.k. Thank you. I want to go to Osaka from Tokyo; would you tell me how I go? (少し文章が違うと思います。「東京から大阪に行くのにお勧めの方法は?」というような内容でした。)
I would recommend going to Osaka by bullet train, because you can use JR Pass for travelers.
B: Oh, how is that?
JR pass for 7 days costs about 30,000 yen, and for 14 days, you can get discount, it is about 45,000 yen, and you can travel around Japan.(後で考えると単に東京ー大阪といっていたのだから富士山がみえるのでJRで、とか別の理由を言うべきでした。JRパスの説明は不適当でした。)
B: That's quite a lot.(これはディスカウントがlotなのか、30000円は高い!と言っていたのか、不安になりました)
B: I like skiing. Where would you recommend going for skiing?

I would recommend you to go to Hokkaido, a northern island of Japan. Hokkaido is famous for the powdery snow.
B: Oh, where in Hokkaido?
There are many ski resorts in Hokkaido, but I would recommend you Niseko or Rusutsu. There, you can see Mt. Youtei, which is called Mt. Fuji in Hokkaido.
B: Thank you for the information. Why are there so many hot springs in Japan?
Because there are many volcanic mountains in Japan, and some of them are active.
B: Oh, it must be scary to have active volcanoes.
Yes, but not so dangerous. Actually, there are some places where you can see the crater of active volcano. (聞かれたら阿蘇山を言おうと思っていたのですが、聞かれませんでした。)
B: O.k. How often do Japanese take a bath?
We usually take a bath everyday in the evening.
B:(笑いながら)O.k. I heard Japanese like hot springs and public bath. How often do Japanese go to hot spring and public bath?
Some people like to go to public bath, so they go to public bath every weekend, but we do not go to hot spring resorts so often because we cannot take many holidays.
B:(笑いながら)Yes, Japanese are workaholic!
Foreign people say so.(本当は「私はそうとは思わないけど、外国の人はそう言う」と言いたかったのですが・・間違えるのが怖くてチャレンジできませんでした)
B: That's all. Thank you very much. I enjoyed talking with you.
(本当はSo, did I.と言いたかったのですが、なぜか声が出ず、A,Bの両方を見ながら)Thank you very much.