受験者( 66 ):女性

A: Hello.
B: Hello.
A: Did you catch a cold?
No, I have an allergy.
A: Oh.
B: Please tell us your name and where you live.
My name is .......... and I live in .......... city, Hyogo prefecture.
A: OK. Now I'll ask you some questions. How can I get to Osaka from Tokyo?
You can take Shinkansen or airplane. But I recommend you to use 18 kippu.
It is an unlimited pass, but you can only take local trains.
You can buy it in January, July and December.(ちょっと詰まる)
A: You mean Seishun 18 kippu?
Yes! Seishun 18 kippu! It consists of 5 tickets but you can only take local JR trains.
A: So it takes a long time to get to Osaka!
Yes, it will take about 12 hours.
A: Wow. 12 hours is long!
But if you have a lot of time and little money, that's the way to go.
A: I see. Now tell me about history. When did the last Shogunate end?
It ended in 1868.
A: Who was the last Shogun?
It was Yoshinobu Tokugawa.
A: Wow. You know well! Well, where was the last shogunate?(最後の幕府はどこにあったの?みたいな質問)
It was in Edo, Tokyo.
A: Now, tell me why Japan has so many hot springs.
Because there are a lot of volcanoes in Japan. The water supply is heated up by volcanoes.
A: I see. Where can I go skiing in Japan?
Oh...I don't like skiing so I'm not sure...but my friend told me that Hokkaido is a good place.
But if close to Osaka, Mt. Rokko is good.
A: Mt. Rokko? I didn't know it has snows.
It has artificial snows. Also, you can see a good night view of Kobe, the port town.
A: I see. So there are a lot of things I can do in Mt. Rokko, other than skiing.
A: What else can I do in Mt. Rokko?
It has Arima onsen. It's good for your skin because it has a lot of minerals.
Also, it stimulates blood circulation. So it really warms you up after skiing.
A: I see. I always wonder...why is there a cold bath in Japan?
You know, there is a hot bath and a cold bath next to it?

Actually, my mother told me it really feels good after taking sauna.
It lets toxic out of you body with sweat. So it's good for you skin, she said.
A: Oh, I see. Well, do you have any other questions?(Bのほうを見て聞く)
B: Uh...no, actually no. It's perfect. We asked all questions but we still have 5 more minutes.
A: Oh! We still have 5 more minutes? You're so perfect we did all our questions.(二人とも笑う)
Thank you.(あまり話せていないので、意外でびっくりしたが、嬉しいので笑う)
A: How about Mt. Fuji? Is it active or dormant?
Ah....I think it's active. I last erupted in 1707.
A: Oh, 1707? Long time ago. Is it going to erupt again?
We never know.
A: I guess so.(二人とも笑う)So it's dormant?
Yes, it's dormant. (さっきと食い違うことを言ってしまった。後悔・・)
A: One last question. What's your expertise in Japan? What do you know the most about Japan?
I guess Amagasaki city, my hometown.
A: I like costco.(近くにある大型スーパー。アメリカにあるものと似ていて、外国人の方の客が多い)
I love costo, too! It's near my house. I think things and food are cheap in Amagasaki even though
it's so close to big city.
A: Yes.
It has what's called Shotengai, a shopping arcade. It has lots of food stands and clothes stores.
You can get 100-yen T-shirts there.
A: Really!? That's cheap!
Yes! So it's nice to live in Amagasaki.
A: Ok. I guess that's all we have. You are perfect.
B: Yes, you are perfect.
Thank you. Thank you for your time.
A: Bye-bye!(笑顔で手を振る)