受験者( 01 ):女性








Good afternoon!

Good afternoon!!

Please put your bag on the chair.

Thank you very much!


My name is .........

My name is .........


Nice to meet you! My name is .........

Please take a seat.

Thank you very much.


All right, so what inspired you to be here?

(もう少し長かったように思いますが、特に前置きもどこに住んでいるかも聞かれず、突然上記のような質問があり、inspiredがin spite of に勝手に聞いてしまい、意味がわからず)
I'm sorry? Pardon?

Well, what inspired you to be here?

Ah, because....it's because I would like to be a tour guide, because I'm interested in cultural exchanges. And before I worked in the tourism industry for nearly 5 years, and during that time, I would escort Japanese clients across Japan, and I could visit many beautiful places in Japan, so I hope I can help visitors from all over the world who are not familiar with Japan travel comfortably..that's why I'm here today.

That sounds very hard. How do you study a lot of things?

Two years ago, I quit the job in the tourism industry, and I'm working as receptionist in a foreign affiliated company to have enough time to study English. And I go to school after work to be a tour guide.

All right, so I want to ask you some questions, first of all, I'm from Australia, and many Australians go to Hokkaido to enjoy skiing, is there any other place you recommend to ski?

It's a very interesting question, Yes, Hokkaido is a good place to enjoy skiing, but other than Hokkaido, I would suggest Japan Alpes located in the central Honshu..and Nagano prefeture was the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics, so I think this is also a good destination for skiyers, and it is famous for its powdery snow.

Thank you. Japan has many differnt places..for example in Okinawa the climate is hot whereas in Hokkaido it is so cold ...(結構長くぺらぺら話されて日本は本当にいろんな地域があるということをお話され)...Can they communicate with each other?

Well, it's tough question, as you say, Japan has many places because Japan is about 3000 km-long archepelago, so each place has different climate and culture. So in Okinawa, the climate is subtropical, so some people say that people in Okinawa have warmer hearts than any other part in japan, whereas in Hokkaido, winters are so long and severe, so some people say that people in Hokkaido think severe about their life.. they plan their life...

Where are you from?

I live in ........ city in ........ Prefecture, near .........

In your city, what is the dialect in your city like?

Oh, I'm sorry...dialect....ah...my city is near .......... so we use ........ dialect...for example.....Nen..or Yanen...which means nothing...it has no meaning..but we put this word at the end of the sentences to make them warm....and another example...ah I'm sorry, I'm so nervous, and I suddenly forgot...

Ok, so I will ask you a little bit tough question, (以前に侍の写真を見たのだけど、侍は剣を2本持っている、それはなぜ?というようなことを聞かれました。)

Well......ah..I'm sorry, to be honest, I'm not sure, but I think that they had two swords because one is used to kill or to cut another person in the war, and another is used to suicide, to kill myself. I think in the Edo periods, samurai warriors differenciate the swords to cut another person and to kill myself.

Do you know the last person who did Harakiri? It's not so far...and who is a famous novelist. Do you know him?

.......(誰だろう???と必死で考えながら)I'm terribly sorry....

You don't know him? Oh, Ok.

You know who it is?

Yes, it's not far.

Was he crazy?

No, no, he is Mishima Yukio.

Ah, I'm sorry.

Oh, I don't know either. Well, we'll move to the next question. Who Do you think is the most important foreign person in Japanese history?

(foreignをとても強くいたずらっぽく強調して言われましたので、 あっ、去年の問題のアレンジだ!と思いました。)
Well, I think William.....Ah I'm sorry, but I don't remember his last name, but his first name is probably Willam and he was from western countries, and he has also Japanese name, Miura Anjin, and he visited Japan before Edo periods, and he did a lot of things for Oda Nobunaga, who is famous shogun in the Edo periods.(←間違えて言ってしまいました。)

Oh, I've seen Anjin-san anywhere in Japan...Is he..(聞き取れませんでしたが、彼はもしかして・・・・の人?とAの方に聞いていました。)


All right, that's all today! You did well!

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much for today!!