受験者( 31 ):男性








(試験官Bがドアを開け中に通される。)Good afternoon!

Good afternoon. Please put your bag and coat on the chair. Thank you.


There are beautiful colored leaves outside. Did you see them?

Yes, I was watching them while I was waiting in the waiting room.

Is this your first time to come here ?

Not really, just one week ago,I came here to check this place for today`s interview test.(試験官Bが少し意外だった様子で)

OK,Then Please tell me your name and address.

My name is ......... I come from the city of ........, ........ ward.

From ........, how did you come here today? I came here by train. I took subway from my home to ........ station and then changed to JR line to Kyoto. Then I took subway to get here.

Really? It took much time,didn`t it ? Yes,It took one hour and a half actually.(かなり試験官Bとのやりとりがあり、中々本題の質問に入らなかったが、試験官Bとのやりとりで口慣らしが出来、緊張感も和らいだ。ようやくここで、試験官Aがにっこりして口を開いた。)

Why are there many small stones on the ground of shrines and temples ?


Because both shrines and temples are very religious places. In order to make them divine and clean places for the visitors, they put small stones on the ground.

(的確な回答が見つからず、このように答えてしまったが、不思議と試験官Aは納得したのか、関連突っ込み質問は来なかった。私の回答はなぜ神社仏閣の境内に小石が敷き詰められているのか?の的確な答えにはなっていないと思うので、この質問の模範解答をハロー通訳アカデミーから是非教えて頂きたいと思う。実は試験後、色々人に聞いたり調べたりしたところ、「玉砂利を踏みしめて歩き、神殿に参る」という言葉があると78歳の母親から言われ、拝観前に手を水で清めるように小石で足を清めるのだと、であれば、Topurify visitor`s feet by stepping on stones before appearing in front of Gods and Buddha・・・と言えば完璧だったのかも?)

Pleas tell me about Meiji Shrine.


Meiji Shrine in Tokyo ?


(恥かしながら、明治神宮の祭神である明治天皇がすぐに出てこず・・・)Meiji Shrine in Tokyo was build in order to commemorate Meiji era and the great figure of Meiji period was enshrined.(と簡単に短く答えたが、幸い、それは誰かとの突っ込みもなく次の質問に移った。初詣の参拝客も多いとかも付け加え回答をもう少し長くすべきだったかも。)

When is your most favorite age in Japanese history ?

(これは答えやすい質問で、先に明治神宮の話をしたので、間髪入れずに・・・)Meiji Restoration at the end of Edo period. The same name as Meiji Shrine.(と思わず言ってしまったが・・・)

(幕末明治維新の説明と意義を説明しようと・・・)It was a big political upheaval but it was not a simple battle between the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Imperial Court. More importantly,it was a social change, so-called Revolution.(Aはなるほど!と納得した表情をして、次の質問をした。)

Then,What is the difference between sake and shochu?


Both are typical Japanese alcoholic drinks but the difference is the material to make them. Sake was made from rice and Shochu is made from potato and wheat.




What brought you to come here today ?

(今日はどうしてここに来たんですか?という質問で、これは英語らしい英語の出来る人の質問構文で、Why did you come here today? Why do you want to become a tour guide?というような理由を尋ねる直接Why構文ではないので、面食らう理解できない受験生もいたのでは? 当然私はこの質問には用意周到・準備万端だったので内心待ってましたと喜びながら・・・)

Well, I would like to engage myself in intercultural exchange and contribute to the betterment of international mutual communication because I have been working overseas as international businessman for 30 years and visited more than 50 countries of 4 Continent and stayed in 4 nations in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Through my work and stay overseas, I also tried to convey Japanese Culture and Mind to people there as well as to learn from them. Based on my experience, I want to do the same for the foreign visitors in Japan this time.(と今度は質問に対し十分な内容と理由づけで完璧に回答できた。)

What is the most important factor to become a tour guide?

(これも想定していた質問なので、自信を持って・・・)I think the most important thing for a tour guide is the spirit of hospitality towards foreign tourists,rather than English command,knowledge on Japan. In other words, Tour guides need to behave cheerfully and try to help tourists create their good memory of Japan together.(一緒に楽しい日本訪問の思い出作りというのは我ながら観光ガイドの心構えとしてはいいのでは?と自負しているが・・・)

How will you build up your knowledge about Japan from now on?

(試験官Aの質問に対する私の回答が、不適格不十分だったとの印象を持ったのか?それとも・・・これから日本に対する知識を増やすには?とこれまた想定外の質問が飛んできたが、慌てず、にっこりして・・・・)I have learned Japanese knowledge mainly by reading books and visiting sightseeing spots and historical places. However, from now on, through my work as tour-guide,in response to the questions posed by foreign friends and their area of interest, I will research and get into more details of them if I happen to be unable to answer them appropriately.(この回答は、まったく事前に考えてもいなかったが、自分としては臨機応変に的確な優等生の回答を思いつき、うまく答えることが出来たと思っているが・・)

Did you ever do tour guide while you were staying overseas ?

(私が商社マンとして海外経験が豊富だと言ったので、この関連質問をしてきたのだと思うが・・・これまた自信を持って・・・)Actually I didn`t work as tour-guide but whenever I had business clients and friends from Japan, I took them to some sightseeing spots and historical places in those countries I was stationed and also invited them for lunch and dinner at local restaurants and helped them buying the souvenirs.(これは自分の実際の経験談なので、自信を持ってうまく答えることが出来た。二人とも首を縦に振り納得した様子でニッコリとされた。)

OK! That`s all. Thank you for coming today.


By the way, Do you have any schedule after this ?

(これまた想定外の質問!面接試験後の予定を聞かれるとは予想だにしていなかったが、慌てずに答えた。)I will go to horse-riding!(これには二人とも驚いたのか興味深そうな目つきで私を見つめていたが・・・)
I have a riding appointment at 5 o`clock.Thank you for interviewing with me.(と言って荷物を取り、退室した。)