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Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. It's nice to see you.

Nice to see you.

Please have a seat. We would like to start the interview.

But please feel relaxed.Thank you

First of all, please identify yourself.

My name is ........ I am from .... which is next city to ........

So you came here by JR today?

Yes up to Kyoto, I came by JR and took subway to come here.

How long did it take to come here?

It was about one and half hour.

I would like to know about dialects in Japan. Is there any dialect you are familiar with?

Yes, since I am living close to Osaka, I am familiar with Osaka ben, or Osaka Dialect which has a strong accent and sounds witty compared to the language spoken in Tokyo. And that's why there are so many comedians from Osaka.

How do people in Tokyo think if they hear the Osaka dialect?

There are some people originally from there, but most of people living in Tokyo are from the other areas, and they try not to use their own dialect and try to speak the standard language, but people in Osaka are so proud of their own dialect and speak it everywhere. So they might feel too strong personality. And it might look funny too.(面接官BはAを見ながらI think so too のような事を微笑みながら言った。)

Do you use Osaka dialect on the business scene? Or you don't use it at all?

Basically, I try not to use it on the business scene, but only when it's needed to express the image of Osaka, I might use it.

For example?

When I explain something related to merchandise, I would say in Osaka dialect because Osaka people are famous for merchandising.(実際には商売の話を伝える時に臨場感が出るように大阪商人風に話す、と表現したかったが、うまく伝わらなかったかもしれない。)

Okay. Now we are going to ask you something about.....(ガイドとしての知識を問う質問をするね、のような事をおっしゃいました。) Tell me why Samurai had two swords?

(この質問は準備していなかったのでびっくりしましたが、何か言わなくては、と思いすぐさま返答を開始) I am not really sure about this answer, but I think they had one longer sword and shorter one. It is because if they have killed someone by his sword, the blood stain remains and cannot use it again immediately. So they carry another one.

Oh, I see.

Please tell me why the Japanese like cherry blossom so much.

One reason is of course that it's beautiful in light pink color. But another reason is that cherry blossoms starts bloom all at once in spring and within only a week, it looses it's blossoms. The fact that they show their beauty only for such a short period appeals to the Japanese sense of fragility of life. Furthermore, the cherry blossom period is the time of start of new school year or start of new job for recently hired employee. so it has an lively image and image of the new beginning in life. So it has an happy atmosphere.

What does cherry blossom....

(単語の意味が全くわからなかったので)I do not know the word....

It is opposite meaning of....(この単語も全くわからなかった)

It means "imply".(しかしimplyの意味もわからず)Ah.. well it is...(とどうやって切り抜けようか考えながら答えはじめようとしたらAから助け舟が)

I think you've already told us in your last answer about what kind of image it gives...

(ここで初めて桜が与えるイメージ的なことを聞かれたことがわかり)Yes, it's a new beginning.

Oh, beginning.(そうですか、と言う感じで。期待していた答えとは違うのだろうなあ、と感じた。)

Where do you recommend me for cherry blossom viewing?

There are a lot place famous for cherry viewing such as Osaka castle or Osaka Mint, but I highly recommend that you go to Yoshino mountain in Nara prefecture.


Nara prefecture. (ここで大阪の東、とか言うべきでした)Yoshino mountain is famous for its thousands of cherry blossoms. The whole mountain is divided into four parts and depends on the altitude, each part have its own blooming period. Then you can see cherry blossoms throughout whole month of April.That why it's nice.(もっと美しい事とか、歴史があるとか言えばよかったと後悔)

Thank you.

May I ask you why you want to be a guide?

It is because I used to work for (某旅行系会社)and had a lot of opportunities to travel abroad and join the local tours. And I met many guides who talked about their own culture and history proudly and knowledgeably. That made me feel like to know more about my own country and introduce the virtue of Japan to foreign tourists. That's why I want to become a guide.

Do you speak any other language besides English?

Well I used to study Chinese but I don't speak well.But I am willing to study it more.

Where would you like to take tourists as a guide?

In the Kansai region?

Yes in Kansai is fine.

Then I would definitely take them to Kyoto.


Thank you this is the end of the interview.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking your time.


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