受験者( 54 ):女性








Good after noon!

Good after noon!

Have a seat.

Thank you. May I put my...

Yes.(私の隣のいすを手のひらで示して)Put your bags here. My name is ........ and (手のひらでBを示して)........(Bの名前を言う)I would like to have your full name.(とても丁寧に聞いてくださいました。)

My name is ........

Please tell us about yourself.

I work for a German company, and I do some work for car import. For my off time,(なんともひどい、どもりながらの英語です。。。でも、次は元気良く) I like to play the koto, a thirteen-stringed musical instrument.(お三味線も弾くのだが言い忘れた!)

Where do you live?

I live in ........ in ........ prefecture (AB顔を見合わせる) Near ........

(残念というようなことを言う。それとも、実際日本語だったかもしれません。)Which school do you belong to? Ikuta or Yamada?

Oh, Ikuta clan. I am in Kokufu Ongakukai (国風音楽会)originated in ........

(国風音楽会のことは知らないがというようなことをおっしゃり、)Because I play the shakuhachi.(尺八を吹くジェスチャーをする。かなり日本通でいらっしゃるに違いない。また、九州派の絃方の先生と合奏をされているというようなこともおっしゃいました。)Which piece do you like best?

Oh, I have a lot of pieces I like ... yes, I like "Yugao"(「夕顔」) best.(源氏物語がモチーフの古典の小曲です。こういうことを説明すべきでした。)

I like "Aoyagi" (「青柳」)best, I am learning now.

Wow, it is one of the difficult pieces!(緩急に富み、合奏が難しい古典の大曲です。外国の方がそのような曲を勉強していらっしゃるなんて、素晴らしいです。ということもいうべきでした。)

How did you begin playing the koto? Your parents told you to do?

Yes, for the first time, my parents told me to learn the koto, but I didn't like it at that time, so, I quit.


But, later, I started to study the koto again by my self because I miss it very much. Now, I like to play the koto very much.(文法、用語の用法めちゃくちゃでした。。。)

How long have you been playing the koto?

More than 20 years.(主語と動詞をきちんと付けて答えるべきでした。)

OK, may I ask some questions?

Sure. It's my pleasure.(身を乗り出して)

Which garden do you recommend to visit?

I would recommend Ryoanji temple in Kyoto.(庭園だったら兼六園と決めていたのに、、、ABうーんというように目を伏せる。)There is a dry landscape garden. It is a mysterious garden having a lot of meanings, so, seeing the garden is great fan. There is also a landscape garden. It is also beautiful.(よりによって京都通のお二人に愛知県民が竜安寺を語るなんて、愚の骨頂でした。)

Have you ever been there?

Yes, I love the place very much.(本当です!)

Why was the Edo castle changed its name into the Imperial Palace?

Originally, the Edo castle was the residence of the Shogun, Generalissimo, but after Meiji Restoration in 1867, it became the residence of the Emperor because the Shogun returned his political power to the Emperor.

So, you mean that is the reason why the name was changed?


Could you tell me about Hakone?

Sure. Hakone is an all year tourist site characterized by beautiful scenery, comfortable climate, views of Mt. Fuji, and many of amusing facilities. It is convenient to come from Tokyo.(肝心の温泉を言い忘れている、、、)

Have you ever been there?


I saw two kinds of curtains; red and white, and black and white one. On what occasions are they used?

Red and white curtains are used on auspicious occasions because the red and white color combination is regarded as auspicious …

Why red and white?

Red is regarded as a landmark for gods. Gods come to red places. (一般的でない事をどもりながら幼稚な英語で話してしまいました、、、)

You mean a god reposes on things red? (手振りを交えて話してくださいました。)

Yes! (repose…日本的事象英文説明300選のおみこしの説明にあった・・・そう、 そう、そういうことです!恥ずかしいことですが、ぶんぶんと首をふってうなずいていました、、、)

And white?

White is regarded as purification. So, red and white is regarded as auspicious.(何度も同じことを言い、なんだか言い張っているようになってしまいました、、、)

Isn’t it related to Genji and Heishi?

Oh, yes, that is another reason.

Which is which?

Well…I think red is for Genji, and white is Heishi…is it right?

I don’t know.(愉快そうにおっしゃいました。愚問でした。)

I am sorry, I just forgot. I am not sure.


(これで終わりですというようなことをおっしゃいました。)Thank you. Nice meeting you.

Thank you so much. Nice to meet you, too.


Thank you so much!