受験者( 127 ):女性

A:B Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon.
A: Please put your gab on the desk and be seated.

Thank you.
B: Thank you for coming and waiting for long time.

Oh, Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
A: Please tell your name.

My name is .......... .
A: And where do you live?

I live in .......... city, in .......... prefecture.
A: So, how long did it take from here or Tokyo station?

It’s about 1 hour from here by train.
A: It’s not so far from here.

Yes…(ここでみんな笑顔。ほんとはNo, it isn’t と答えるべきなのについYESと言ってしまった。)
B: O.K. So my first question is…
 When is typhoon season in Japan?

It hits Japan in summer. Usually, it hits Japan in August and September.
B: Does it hit Hokkaido?

It sometimes hits Hokkaido, but it depends on the year.
B: O.K. Thank you.

You are welcome. (と言うと、笑顔でこちらを見てくれた)
B: The next question is… Where can I find a famous Buddhist statue in Kyusyu?

In Kyusyu??(予想外でびっくりしました、しかも有名なのなんて思いつかない!)
B: Yes.

Well, this is a difficult question. .. I’m not sure the famous Buddhist statue in Kyusyu, but many of Japanese are involved with Buddhism, so there are some Buddhist statues there.(かなり苦しい答えでした)
B: Then, what kinds of Buddhist statues are there...?
There are some kinds of statues, but usually, many Buddhist statues are cast in bronze.
(後から考えたら、立ってるものとか座っているものとか、そういう答えを求めていたのかもしれません・・・kind と言われて、とっさにでたのがこんな答えでした)
B: So, where do you recommend to see Buddhist statue?

I recommend Nara prefecture. The large statue of Buddha is housed in the world’s largest wooden structure. I think it is worth visiting.(もう少し説明したかも)
B: Are there any rule when we go to Buddhist temple?
(寺に行った時のルールは?のような質問でしたが、 rule の聞き取りに自信がなく、聞き返しました)
I’m sorry. Could you say the question once again?
B: Are there any rule……..? (今度は少しゆっくり繰り返してくれました)

As for the rule, (と言うとうなずいたので、続けました)
When we pray for something at Buddhist temple, we just join hour hands and don’t clap our hands.
B: Oh, o.k. and… I saw people fanning incense to their heads. What are they doing?
Oh, incense! The incense is believed to have power to drive away evil spirit so people fan the incense to clean our heads or spirit. (あとでpurifyのほうがよかった・・・と思いました)
B: I see. What is Enka?

Enka is a traditional Japanese style song and it has a distinctive melodic and singing style. The themes are about love, parting home, and about sentimental feeling. It is popular among elderly people.
B: Where can I enjoy Enka?

You can enjoy Enka at some stages….(CD屋で買えるとか言えばよかったのに、とっさにコンサートで聴ける、などの答えをしてしまいました)
B: Is it expensive?

It depends on the singers. It costs about 6000 yen to 10000 yen. But if you want to enjoy Enka at some concerts, you need to make a reservation in advance.
B: Thank you. If I have one day in Tokyo, what should I do with my family?

I recommend Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo. It is a typical Shinto shrine and it is the biggest shrine in Tokyo. Though it is located in the central Tokyo, it is surrounded by beautiful green forest. So you can enjoy serene atmosphere. Especially on Sundays, you can see Shinto style wedding ceremonies. I think it will be a good experience for you and your family. (と感情を込めて笑顔で言いました)
B: Oh, thank you.(嬉しそうに笑ってくれたように見えました。見えただけ!?かもしれませんが・・・)

You are welcome. (もう一箇所くらい、勧めようかな、と一瞬考えたけれど・・・)
A: O.K. This is the end of the exam.

Thank you. (と言いつつ、じゃあ日本語で質問がくるのかな、と1,2秒待っていると)
A: This is the end, so you may leave. (と言われたので)

Thank you very much.
B: Thank you for coming.

Thank you. (と言って退室しました)