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please leave your bag on the table over there.


Now we are going to ask you some questions. Please relax.

OK, please. (と言いつつ、試験官2人ともまったく笑顔がない。かなり緊張してくる。)

Tell us your name and your address.

My name is ........ , and I am from ........ ward, ........

Who do you think is the most important foreigner in Japanese history?

I personally think William Clark is the most important foreigner in Japanese history. He was a professor at the University of Hokkaido. He was professional in agriculture so he had a lot of influence on Japanese students. I think because of his effort Japanese agriculture developed very much.(いつ頃の人か言うのを忘れてしまったが長くなるのはいけないと思い、付け足すのはやめた)。

Why do you think Japanese love cherry blossom so much?

I think that is because Japanese have a view, a sense of values of wabi-sabi わびさび。Wabi-sabi is something imcomplete, impermanent, and we consider it beautiful. Cherry blossoms are beautiful when they are in full bloom, but they soon go away.(桜が散るような手振りをする)。

(ちょっと分からない顔をしながら)In what else can we see Wabi-sabi?(他にどのようなものにあるかといった質問)

The tea ceremony. Sen-no-rikyu, a master of the tea ceremony in the 15th century(後で調べたら16世紀の間違いだった)perfected this idea of Wabi-sabi, and taught it to his students.

(まだ分からないという顔をして)Can you find a word for Wabi-sabi in English?

Umm, maybe, modest or humble. Sorry, wabi-sabi is very hard to explain.(何かの本で西洋には無い概念だと読んでたので、うまく説明できなくても仕方がないと思った)

I hear that there is a ski resort in Hokkaido where it is popular among Australian skiers. Do you know where?

Yes, I hear Niseko ski resort in Hokkaido is popular among Australians. I don't know its exact location but I think it is a couple of hours from Sapporo.

Apart from Hokkaido, where would you recommend for skiing?

I would recommend Nagano Prefecture. You do not have to fly to Hokkaido. You can take the bullet train to Nagano. Happo-one is a wonderful place to ski and it is where the Winter Olympic games took place in 1998.

Why did Samurai have two swords?

I am not quite sure but I hear that(とっさに二刀流が思い浮かび、両脇から刀を出す真似ををして両手を上げ)there were some masters who were able to use two swords at the same time!


Wow!! That is amazing! Two at the same time?

Yes, but I don't think all samurai were able to do that. Only skilled masters. That is what I heard....(ちょっと申し訳無さそうにしてると)

No no, it is ok! Next question. Are you familar with any dialects of the Japanese language?

Well, there are a lot of dialects in Japan. It varies from region to region. In shikoku, oh, Japan has four main islands -- Hokkaido, Honshu, shikoku and Kyushu. Shikoku is in the western part of Japan. There, there is a place called Dougo(道後のこと)where it is famous for its hot spring. And there, they have a very unique dialect. I think it is pretty well-known(夏目漱石の坊ちゃんを読んで四国の方言が面白いと思った、と言いたかったが、かなり唐突で訳が分からなくなってしまった)

Have you had any experience where you were not able to understand what other people were saying because of their dialect?

Yes, expecially in Kyushu and Okinawa. Okinawa was a different country until the Meiji Restoration, so they had a different language. So they still have deep dialects.(strongをdeepと言ってしまった)

Ok, this is the end of the interview. Have a nice day.

Thank you very much. Have a nice day.




私は、2007年に一般常識に受かっていたので、今年は地理と日本史の対策として<基礎から体系的に学ぶ 72時間マラソンセミナー>の教材を購入しました。日本史が大変難しかったため、一次試験合格は完全に諦めていたところ、運良く受かっており、それからたった2週間足らずで二次試験の準備をしなくてはなりませんでした。何をやっても今さら遅いと思っていたのですが、ハローの<英語第2次試験直前対策セミナー>に参加して、「今からでもやれることはある!」と勇気をもらいました。まだ一歳の娘がいるため、<英語第2次試験対策模擬面接クラス>はたった一度しか受けることができませんでしたが、その一回で自信をもらいました。そのおかげで落ち着いて二次試験に臨むことが出来たと思います。私のように小さな子どもがいると、なかなか予備校にも通うことができず、かといって通信教育をやろうとしても、家で落ち着いて勉強することもできません。そんな状況でも、ハローのピンポイントのアドバイスがあればなんとかなることが分かりました。おかげさまで落ちていても悔いはありません。結果がどうなるか今から楽しみにしています。