受験者( 62 ):女性








Please have a seat.

Thank you.

Will you tell me your name and address?

OK.(思わず最初からOKと言ってしまった。) My name is ......... I live in .........

Oh, ......... Thank you for coming today.

It’s my pleasure.

I hear that Japanese eat a sea bream on auspicious occasions. Why?

A sea bream is called “Tai” in Japanese. We call a happy time “Medetai.”The word are the same, so we eat a sea bream on auspicious occasions.(これしか思い浮かばず、お頭付きなどの説明ができなかった)

Oh, I see. And is it expensive?

Yes, it is very expensive. We can seldom eat that.

What is the taste like?

I like the taste. The taste is very plain. So I think everyone likes the taste.

How do you eat it?

We broil it.


Yes, we broil it.(考えてみたら、刺身にもするし、他の食べ方を説明する必要があった)

I‘d like to know how the prime minister is elected in Japan.

First, we common people elect the people who work for the Diet. (議員の言い方がわからず、こんな言い方に)They belong to several parties. The leader of the majority party will be elected as prime minister.

So the members of the majority party elect the leader and the person will be a prime minister?

Yes, that’s right.

What is the Diet?

It’s like a ………..(とっさに議会の単語が出てこなくて、沈黙になってしまい、法律を決めたりするところだ、というようなことを説明しようとしたら)

like a parliament?

Yes! Like a parliament!(これは助け舟なのか、死刑宣告なのか・・・。もっと早く切り替えて、他の単語を使って説明するべきだった。)

In these three years, three Japanese prime ministers have changed. What do you think about this?

It is very regrettable. We understand that they were in severe condition. However they were prime ministers of Japan. I think they should have completed their job. They were not responsible.(Bが採点しながら大きく頷いてくれる)

……………………………….. traditional Japanese wooden houses?

What is….? I beg your pardon, please?

Please tell me a good point of traditional Japanese wooden houses?

Japanese wooden houses give us an image of soft.They are not covered completely, so it is cool in summer.But Japanese people prefer concrete houses now, I think.It is harder, so it is stronger against earthquakes and fires.

So wooden houses are weak against earthquakes?

Well, wooden houses are flexible to the movement of earthquakes, but weaker against fires.

So is it cold in winter?

Yes, a little bit. But when we are in the wood, we feel cozy.


Cozy. Comfortable.

Do you live in wooded house?


Oh, I see. Is 70% of Japanese forest?


Does Japan import wood?

Yes. Japan imports wood and the products made of wood from China and other countries.

Time is up.

Time is up?! Thank you very much.(もっと勉強したことを聞かれるのを待っていたので、終了の知らせはショックでした)


「日本的事象英文説明300選」や日本の文化のことなど、必死で覚えたり調べたりしたことは一切出ず、特に最後の木造家屋においては、何を言ったら良いのかさっぱりわからずに本当に困りました。それでも何か関連づけてもっといろいろ話すべきでした。森林が70%ということに関しても、後で思えば間違っていますよね。そのときは山と同じだと思ったのですが、それでも言い直しするべきだったのに、本当に全般的に言葉が足りませんでした。もっと単語力を増やして、自分の言葉でいろんなことを説明できる必要性を痛感しました。もっと他の分野が聞かれるのを待っていたので、time is upと言われた時には、そんな・・・とショックでした。