受験者( 75 ):女性








Good morning!

Good morning.

Can I put my things here?

Sure, you can put it anywhere.

(にこやかに話してくれるので、こちらも笑顔になる)Thank you.

Please sit down.

Thank you.(中央にある椅子に座る)

First, please tell me your name and address.

My name is ........, I live in near ........, Tokyo.

Wow, ........!

It's a nice place.

How long have you lived in ........?

From last month.

Before, where have you been?

We lived in ........-word, ........, then we came to ...... .

Hmmm, that's interesting. Well, have you ever been to Kamakura?

Never, unfortunately. But I'd like to go there in the future.

If one tourist would like to go there, how dou you explain about Kamakura?

Well, Kamakura was the seat of Bakuhu from the end of 12th century through early 14th century, so there are many historical sites and relics(この辺の知識は試験直前にちょうど流し読みをしていたので助かりました). Also, there is a great statue of Buddha. So you can walk around a lot of historical sites and also sea side. (sea shore と言えば良かった)

Oh,that's nice!

And it's not far from Tokyo. It takes about two and a half an hour by train.

OK, can you explain about 'Sankin-koutai'


Local lords had to live in Edo for one year and in their home for one year. What's the purpose?(試験官は、あえて説明を付け加えて問題を簡単にしてくれたのかも知れません)

The purpose is to restrict their power. Their family, a wife and children had to live in Edo area, so they could not do it, say, like coup d'etat against Edo government. Also, it costs a lot to make trips for 'Sankin-koutai'.


Traveling to Edo takes a lot of time and it's economic ,,,,,how do we say,,, burden?


Especially, if they came from Kyushu. Well, about Japanese politics, who is the present prime minister? Fukuda?

(政治関連問題はでないと思っていたので面食らう。麻生という名前が全然出てこず、焦りました)Of course, I hear his name every morning, but,,,,


Oh, Asou! Sorry, I forgot his name for the moment.

I heard Japanese election system of prime minister is very different from that of America. How do you select the prime minister?

The Japanese Prime Minister is the top of the political party. Abe, Fukuda, Asou, they are all the leaders of he Democratic Party.(これは民主党のことでした。間違えました)So it's not common people who select the prime minister. They are selected among the party.

What do you think of that system?

I think it's OK as far as they can organize the government well. But it seems that they cannot run the government well enough now, so maybe, we have to change the system.

Have you ever been to Sikoku, Kyushu or Chugoku?

My home town is Shimane prefecture. It's a western part of Japan.

What is there?

Well, we have Matsue castle, and the old house of Lafcadio Hearn who wrote Japanese old stories into novels. He came from England and got married to a Japanese lady and stayed in Japan whole his life. We have his house. I strongly recommend you go there during spring. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful and we hold tea ceremony in the ground of Matsue castle. It's very interesting.

(試験官Bの方を見て)Do you have any question?

Suppose I was a foreign tourist, where would you recommend me to go if I want to buy 'Netsuke'(根付も直前に日本的事象英文説明300選で流し読みしていたので、どういうものか分かり、焦らずに済みました)

How about going to Asakusa Nakamise shopping street. They are selling lots of Japanese unique items, such as folding fan and Yukata. So I'm sure you can find Netsuke there.

Can we find many items?(と言った感じのことを言われました)

Yes. Even Samurai sword. Though it's not real.

Sure(笑いながら). I think that's all

Is that all? Thank you very much.