Margaret, Lady Thatcher ハロー通訳アカデミー名誉最高顧問 マーガレット・サッチャー女史(元英国首相)




さらに、1994年9月16日に、サッチャー女史はハロー通訳アカデミーの最高顧問(Honorary Adviser)に就任され、2002年6月、名誉最高顧問に就任されました。

Japan is a country with a dramatic history, a rich culture and a contrasting beauty. Therefore it is no surprise that tourism has become such an important contributor to your economy.

For the growing number of visitors who come to your remarkable country every year their first contact will be through their tour guide. The guides' role is doubly important: not only do they impart a knowledge and insight which enables people to better understand and appreciate Japan, but they also provide an initial impression of the Japanese themselves. It is often this impression, of people rather than place, which remains with the visitor long after other memories have faded.

The training provided at Hello Guide Academy is of the highest professional standard because you appreciate the importance of the tourist guide in shaping a visitor's view of your country. You expect dedication from your students and in return they leave with a qualification which will serve them well for the rest of their careers. That is why the Academy and its students have an outstanding reputation and you can be proud of valuable contribution you are making to the image of Japan around the world.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

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