Richard Branson ハロー通訳アカデミー最高顧問 リチャード・ブランソン氏(英国ヴァージングループ会長)




1995年1月に、ハロー通訳アカデミーの特別顧問(Special Adviser)に就任され、2002年6月ハロー通訳アカデミーの最高顧問に就任されました。

We at the Virgin Group, operate Virgin Atlantic Airways and Voyager Hotels Company and firmly believe in the importance of travel to make our life more interesting and exciting.

When one travels overseas, it is sometimes difficult to find the most interesting places to visit and understand their historical and artistic significance. In such cases, tour guides can be of tremendous help to you. They can recommend places to visit according to your personal interest, arrange means of transportation and give you explanations on the spot which will enhance the enjoyment of your trip significantly.

I understand Hello Guide Academy in Tokyo and Osaka give a high standard of education to those who aspire to become a tourist guide and that they produce 70-80% of national licensed tour guides every year.

Its founder and the current chairman, Mr. Genichiro Ueyama, is a very challenging manager full of entrepreneurial flare. I am very pleased to associate with him and his Hello Guide Academy as their special advisor and I wish him and all of his students best of luck.

Richard Branson
Virgin Group of Companies